• Image of Decals of Tobacco Smoking Pipes, Cigars, Smoke Wisps and Tamper Tool

These pipe and cigar decals will look great vehicle or window glass. How about adding some style and swag to the back of your cell phone, laptop or any other smooth surface. These quality decals are easy to apply and long lasting. The cast vinyl is made by Oracal, 751C high performance in gloss white , these decals are formulated to last for up to 8 years of outside weather and UV exposure. Oracal's vinyl is made in Germany, just like the best ebonite pipe stems.

Pipe, cigar and smoke wisp shapes available in regular and KING sizes. The tamper shape is 3 inches tall and the regular pipe sizes are right around 4 inches long and 1.5 inches tall depending on the particular shape. KING sizes are mostly in the 7 inch long range depending on shape. Any regular pipe size can be ordered in KING size, just find your shape by number first, then scroll down the option list for the same number with a K next to it. Example: Billiard shape in regular size is number 7, in KING size it's 7K. Easy.

Regular sizes are $4.00 each, KING sizes are $10.00 each. Decals have the pipe bowl on the left and stem on the right, if you desire the opposite, add the REVERSE option in the drop down list, it's $1.00 extra for this service per decal. Ordering 3 decals and they all need to have the bowls on the right, order 3 Reverses in your cart. Cigars can be flipped to either direction.

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